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Centre Of Mass, Linear Momentum And Collision


A ball of mass 1kg moving with...

A ball of mass `1kg` moving with `4m^-1` along +x-axis collides elastically with an another ball of mass `2kg` moving with `6m//s` is opposite direction. Find their velocities after collision.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : A::B::C::D
Solution : `v_1^()'=((m_1-m_2)/(m_1+m_2))v_1+((2m_2)/(m_1+m_2))v_2` <br> `=((1-2)/(1+2))(+4)+((2xx2)/(1+2))(-6)` <br> `=-28/3m//s` <br> `v_2^()'=((2-1)/(1+2))(-6)+((2xx1)/(1+2))(+4)` <br> `=2/3m//s`


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hello students that understanding and catching A ball of mass 1 kg moving with a speed of 5 metre per second along the x-axis collides elastically with another ball of mass 2 kg moving in opposite direction finding love status for reason that we are having two balls a ball P first is having mass m is equal to 1 kg having stage 4 metre per second to plus accessories and and to having mass of 2 kg and the speed is opposite to 6 metre per second weekend ideal way to and this is even Sabhi how to calculate on his speed of first and final speed of second after collision so we can write your initial linear momentum is equal to final linear momentum

are equal to 1 and 2 theta equal to final will be am when we went S Plus Ham to be today's so we have to put the values in journey into we have because sex attraction near me for stay Lesson 2 value we have to speed baby Naaz 814131 test we have to calculate Plus I am 22 week 2 days we have to calculate now we can write this is minus of 12 plus minus 8 will be equal to weave and test + Tu Hi to test this is education first now we have given this condition is elastic so we know that fully plastic pollution for efficient will be fun and this should be we have formula that funny speed of the

section 1 - final stage of the first 1 / initial state of the first one is for the speed of the second one so we can write two Manasvi when will be equal to 32 crash Manasvi went as we have to put the values in the early so we to is Microsoft and everyone is plus of 4 sorry this is FIFA - 32 Kaise Jeevan Manas video so we can write a reason Manasvi to will be equal to this how we have to put the values so we have - of - of 6 will be equal to be to Jivan now we can write your - event as + B2 test is equal to 10 education S

so we can write permission first and second song equation first and second we have to add sovizen test plus Tu Hi Tu dash is equal to minus of 8 and manager of the week to dash is equal to that we have to add what we will get three way to test will be equal to 2 Misri to dash will be equal to 2 by 3 metre per second the final stage of the second ball how we have to calculate for first so we went will be with you will put in the second equation so this should be less of 2 by 3 is equal to 10 again can solve samaleswari fantus is equal to 10 minus 2 by 3 equal to 28 by 3 now

against in criteria contest will be equal to minus of 28 by 3 metre per second so we have to handle answers final velocity V2 is equal to 2 by 3 metre per second and even went as is equal to minus of 28 metre per second I hope you are the show the solution thank you

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