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Class 9






Laws Of Motion


A ball is thrown vertically up...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Given , h = 19.6 m , a = - g = - 9.8 `m s^(-2)` , v = 0 <br> From equation of motion `v^2 = u^2 + 2 g h ` <br> `0 = mu^2 - 2 xx 9.8 xx 19.6` <br> or `mu^2 = 9.6xx19.6` <br> `therefore ` Initial velocity u = 19.6 `m s^(-1)`

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vertically upward height of 19.6 M and then come back to the we have to find the initial velocity of the given equal to 9.8 metre per second with initial velocity as you metre per second when it reaches a height h = 19.6 its final velocity we will be zero m s we have to find initial velocity let's write down the things which we know we know the final velocity as 0 metre per second

to which the world Rises as 19 and the value of 9 metre per second square so you will use your the third equation of motion which is V square = u square GH now he is zero this will be 0 = you we don't know you square + 2 into minus 9.8 into height is given 19.6 wire to that G is vertically downwards and the direction of you is vertically upward just will be

square equals to 19.6 into 9.8 equals to 1960 into 19.6 which implies that you will be equals to 19.6 M S almost phone with initial velocity 19.6 m s to read the height 19.6 thank you

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