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A ball is thrown vertically up...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : <img src="" width="80%"> <br> For `AB " " AB` <br> `s=ut+1/2 at^(2)`. <br> `-h=vt-g/2 t^(2)` <br> `g/2 t^(2)-vt-h=0` <br> `t=(vpmsqrt(v^(2)+4xxg/2xxh))/(2xxg/2)` <br> `t=(vpmsqrt(v^(2)+2gh))/g ` <br> `t=v/g[1+sqrt(1+(2gh)/(v^(2)))], t=v/g[1-sqrt(1+(2gh)/(v^(2)))]` [as time cannot be negative so we neglect it we neglect] <br> `:. t=v/g[1+sqrt(1+(2gh)/(v^(2)))]` <br> Aliter <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Let `t_(1)` be the time taken by ball from top of tower to the highest point then it will taken again `t_(1)` time to return back to the top of tower Let `t_(2)` be the time taken be ball from top of tower of the ground. <br> For `t_(1)`: From equation <br> V=u-gt i.e. 0=V-`gt_(1)` or, `t_(1)=V//g` <br> For `t_(2)`: from equation <br> `h=ut+1/2 g t^(2) h=V t^(2)+1/2 g t_(2)^(2)`: or , `g t_(2)^(2)+2Vt_(2)-2h=0`, or `t_(2)=(-2v pm sqrt(4V^(2)+8gh))/(2g)` <br> Taking (+) sign only (as we are interested in time projection i.e. t=0) `t_(2)=(-Vpmsqrt(V^(2)+2gh))/g` <br> Note that, -ve time indicate time before the projection <br> Hence, the time after which the ball strikes ground `T=2t_(1)+t_(2) rArr T=(2v)/g+(-V+sqrt(V^(2)+2gh))/g` <br> `T=(V+sqrt(V^(2)+2gh))/grArr T=V/g[1+sqrt(1+(2gh)/(V^(2)))]`

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A ball is thrown vertically upward from top of a tower of height H with velocity v and V strikes the ground after time so we need to hear from the ground ok this site is small it and it is a fall here and there ball is thrown vertically upward with a velocity given by week so we know that the ball will Trace the pass like this at will go upwards with maximum height and then it will come back and it will reach Li G ok so this final question of the ball when it reaches the total time taken in this whole journey

Malti the displacement of the ball is let's say we have a forward direction as positive and negative OK then we have a displacement as - at the ball comes at ok and acceleration is minus that is directed downward and the initial velocity u for the motion is that is directive OK then we need to find the time it takes to reach the Epic music that is equal to Jyoti plus half sense we know that a sequel to UT plus half a will apply this equation with all these three variables and will get a quadratic entity as as that is minus h

welding equal to you that is we so we into t minus half in 2G into PSY ok and does will get the equation has - 2 X equal to 2 BT -3 and will get it as GTA square - 2 waiting - 2x = 20 and we know that represent the solution for quadratic is this solution for 10 quadratic 1250 equal to minus of -2 plus minus under root it is not that is a square minus 4 y square - 4 into 3 into minus 2 X ok and this whole divided

price of ji ok and from here will get time PS2 plus minus under root x + 8 upon to ji ok now so well that let's take this source and let's take it outside to do so will get it to be the price of V M to under root 1 + 2 GH upon a square and this whole divided and does well get it as time equal to a ponzi into 1 + -

under root 1 + 2 GH upon us and we know that time can't be negative so in this time that is one is oneplus under root 1 + 20 2nd year arts and another is with this -5 double discard the minus sign time ok so will get the time as only person will get the time taken to reach a point into 1 + under root 1 + 2 GH upon vs ok now the accept now will check the options and among all the first that is into 1 + under root 1 + 2 upon B square every correct answer and all the other three options are

that's all for this question guys thank you

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