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A ball is projected horizontal...

A ball is projected horizontally. After 3s from projection its velocity becomes 1.25 times of the velocity of projection. Its velocity of projection is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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10 m/s20 m/s30 m/s40 m/s

Answer : D


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question is a ball is projected horizontally after 3 seconds from the projection its velocity becomes 1.25 times of the velocity of projection its velocity of projection is so here we can say suppose this is that a ball which is projected horizontally with Speed the even as let's say we after lets it s the wall will reach somewhere so that its net velocity becomes 1.2 of the initial velocity along this direction so hello 1.25 of the initial velocity of projection that is 1.25 times we will need to find the value of V that is lost of projection now as we know in projectile motion sense there is no acceleration along the X direction which means velocity

along the acceleration shall remain to be equal to b and we can say your velocity along the Y direction can be found out your as we Y is equal to Y + we can say as even Tuti initial velocities along the Y direction is zero acceleration along Y direction is -3 and fine here is given to V3 second so this comes to be away minus 30 metre per second hand velocity along Y direction is given here as our 30 metre per second and the net velocity at this position is 1.25 so we can say that 1.25 the resultant of V and 30 so we can say so as we square + we have as 30 square square both sides we can say this comes out to be how 1.25 whole square into V square is

equal to b square + we have here as 900 so this can be written as taking V square common sense 1.25 whole square minus 1 is equal to Bihar as 902 he comes out to be our 30 / we have as the square root of we can say your as 1.25 whole square minus of one source this can be simplified her as 30 / we have as a minus b a + b that is we have the Ash 2.25 into we can say as our 1.25 -1 comes out to be our 0.25 so this year on simplification come to be 30 in 2.25 means for square root of 4 becomes too and here 2.25 so we can say your 2.25 value

comes out to be our let's say we can say as 225 divided 100 which is equal to 10 / 15 so we have the velocity of the projection as we can see us 40 metre per second to 40 metre per second is the velocity of projection which there is optional before so we can say 4 is a correct answer so we have 4 as our answer