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Class 12






Jee Mains 2020


A air bubble of radius 1 cm in...

A air bubble of radius 1 cm in water has an upward acceleration `9.8cm s^(-2)` . The density of water is `1" gm cm"^(-3)` and water offer negligible drag force on the bubble. The mass of the bubble is `(g=980cm//s^2)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

1.52 gm4.51 gm4.15 gm3.15 gm


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hello everyone I bubble of radius 1 cm in water have a pod acceleration of 9.8 metre per second square density of water is 1 gram per centimetre cube and water offer negligible track force on the bubble have to find out the mass of the bubble if you see less opposes the water and inside the photo there is a bubble and it is said that it have a perfect solution of this was so if I draw this product solution and it it it is also acted by the buoyant force in upward direction and the end of this in downward direction very simple write your MG acting the moderation and buoyant force will be acting in a federation and it is having an acceleration a in upward direction it is given in the question so you can see

net force in the opposite direction is buoyant force - and the and it is equals to mass times acceleration very simple you can just find out the buoyant force on the bubble so if you see here the bubble is completely so much so the volume so much will be equal to the volume of the bubble and it is given that the radius of the bubble is 1 cm write the density of the water density of the liquid in two volumes about that is holy samast in 2G sold in the water is if you see here is one gram per centimetre cube and the volume of the bubble is 4 by 3 Pi R cube To Aaye hair is 1 cm cube into ji will calculate the Civil Gate 453 ji as the buoyant force to just put this year for pi by 3 C - mg

is equals to mass times of acceleration now it if you see a acceleration is already given in the question it is this right SOA Suite is input the value of energy in this equation free fire write your I will right away that 4 pi by 3 into ji is 980 cm per second square is equals to MG + 9.8 times app now ji is 980 against 1980 plus 9.8 if you add the to you will get you can see the gravity and gravitational acceleration is this so you can add the 2nd edition from this expression on the left so I

will write the mass is equals to 4 by 3 into 980 in division at the to you look at 98 9.8 so after dividing you will get the mass is equals to 4.15 G so you can see 4.15 G is the options or she will be the correct answer thank you

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