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Class 11






Centre Of Mass


A 3.00 kg steel hall strikes t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `/_\vecp=vecF/_\t` <br> `/_\p_(y)=m(v_(fy)-v_(fy))=m(vcos6^(@))-mvcos60^(@)=0` <br> `/_\p_(x)=m(-vsin60^(@)-vsin60^(@)=-2mvsin60^(@)`<br> `=-2(3.00kg)(10.00m//s)(0.866)=-52.0kgm//s` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `F_(av)=(/_\p_x)//_\_t=(-52.0kgm//s)/(0.200s)=-260N`

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hello everyone in this portion 23 kg steel ball strike the wall with a speed of 10 metre per second at an angle of 60° it bounces off with the same speed and angle in the angle of the ball is in contact with the wall for point to what is the average force exerted by the ball on the ball call letter to present this is a very simple diagram well understood in the diagram is life and a ball is writing this English mein 4 line body writing and illustrating the ball strikes at an angle of 60 degree angle is also given

60 degree after this the ball bounces back at the same angle from the ball so we can take it in this manner so now the game the angle is same for 16 so that the velocity of the bag is also not what we need to do is that will again the concept of the concept of momentum definition of force is applied force between to find out here the applied force is equal to rate of change of momentum is delta delta need to find out the change in momentum Delta over there and then build the momentum in the year will advise the momentum in two

directions what will happen when device is velocity for this velocity will get component along the wall and perpendicular to the wall along the component is weak or 6 and in this direction will going you are going to get the component v60 similarly when the ball bounces back B then again been divided into components then the first component will get in this direction that will be for 60 and the second component will get in this direction that we have now been calculated this Momentum Delta p for the difference was that the momentum is

momentum the change in momentum along the wall is equal to cos a minus b Cos 60 that what will talk about the change in momentum along the horizontal Direction this we can see that the initial Momentum is recently 96 CM then what we are going to get we have to put here the value of M also will take care MB and Momentum here in the momentum will get MB science 16 -

calling this after putting all the values will get you into the air and upon so now finding the applied force applied for you know that is equal to Delta P over Delta value of Delta 2 into 3 into 10 into time 60630 that the force 1853 for cancer 250 9.8 ton of the final answer

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