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Class 12






Alternating Current And Electromagnetic Waves


A 220 V input is supplied to a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D

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I love you wanted a given question is a 220 volt input is supplied to a transformer the output cycle draws a current of 2 ampere at 440 voltage if the efficiency of the transformer is 80% that said and done by the primary winding up the Transformer age so in the given question efficiency that it will to 80% means point 8 and the output circuit project and up to a at 440 voltage output means be as equal to 440 and ISI 12 22 a and b is equal to 220 voltage so as we know the formula for efficiency is

critical to BS upon BP IP so here Deewane BP weekend ITBP so we have to find IP here so I will be equal to b s i s upon it into VP now put the value 4:40 into 2 upon that is pointed into BP is 220 so after solving Gate IPL 25 a this is our final answer so option for it is great thank you very much

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