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Class 12






Communitcation Systems


A 1 KW signal is transmitted...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B
Solution : Loss suffered in the communication channel <br> `=(-2dB//km)5km=-10dB` <br> `therefore 10"log"(P_(0)//P_(i))=-10, "or log" (P_(0)//P_(i))=-1` <br> or `(P_(0)//P_(i))=10^(-1)=(1)/(10)` <br> or `P_(0)=P_(i)//10=(1kW)/(10)=100W`

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hello everyone the question is 1 KW signal is transmitted using a communication channel which provides attenuation of the rate of this if the communication channel has a total length of 5 kilometre the power of the signal received is what we have four options for that but let us first calculate and then we met her answer from your so your loss suffered loss suffered in the communication in the communication channel channel is given to us and to DB which is per km in 25 kilometre so this is equal to -10 degree right now

1TB is this so 10 log in or out upon Y is equal to minus or we can say log not a point P I not a point P Y is equal to -1 we can see from your we can save a point P is equal to 10 to the power minus one we can also write as this for your we say peanut is equal to 1 upon 10 which is equal to 1 KW upon 10 and hence this becomes equal 200 what is this is the correct answer and the option here is

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