Updated on:26/04/2023

A 12 kg sheet of tin sinks in water but if the same sheet is converted into a box or boat, it floats. why ?


लिखित उत्तर

The correct Answer is The sheet of tin sinks in water because the density of tin is higher than that of water; When the same sheet of tin is converted into a box (or boat) then due to the trapping of lot of light' air in the box (or boat) the average density of box (or boat) made of tin sheet becomes lower than that of water and hence it floats in water.


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संबंधित वीडियो
One day all the students of class IX were performing physics experiments in the science laboratory. Just then, the physics teacher, Mr. Vinay, came to the laboratory with a sheet of tin weighing about half a kilogram. Mr. Vinay gathered all the students and in their presence put this sheet of tin in a big tub of water. The sheet of tin sank in water and settled at the bottom of tub. Mr. Vinay now turned to the students and asked who could transform this sheet into the simplest form (or shape) which would float in water. He allowed them to use any other required tools/materials from the laboratory for this purpose. Mohan offered to make an appropriate object from this tin sheet which could float in water and not sink. He took just half an hour to make this object. The teacher placed this object in the same tub of water. It started to float in water. The teacher was very happy. He appreciated the effort made by Mohan. (a) Why did the sheet of tin sink in water? (b) What do you think is the simplest form of object made by Mohan from this tine sheet which could float in water? (c) Why do you think the above object made from tin sheet floats in water? (d) Name two modes of transport used in rivers and seas which work on the same principle as the tin sheet object made by Mohan. (e) The tine object made by Mohan was placed, turn by turn in a tub of oil and glycerine. In which of these two liquids, the tin object will float with a greater part of it immersed inside the liquid than water and why? (f) What values are displayed by Mohan in this episode?


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