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3 charges are placed in a circ...

3 charges are placed in a circle of radius `d` as shown in figure. Find the electric field along x-axis at centre of circle. <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`q/(4pi epsilon_0 d^2)``(qsqrt3)/(4pi epsilon_0 d^2)``(qsqrt3)/(pi epsilon_0 d^2)``(qsqrt3)/(2pi epsilon_0 d^2)`

Answer : C
Solution : NA


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hello everyone three charges are placed in a circle of radius B as shown in the figure the electric field along x-axis at the centre of the circle is what is the first see the diagram this these are the three charges you can see of magnitude plus 2 cube rate and -2 q and 4q rate so if you electric field because of the positive charge is away from the charge like if you see because of this charge be charged NC Church because of this ages the electric field will be away from the central like this and that support it it is a shame because of the features it was it will be towards the charge like easy like this and if you see the EB 600 EV chargers again the negative so it will be

what's it like this it will be easy equals to Badi square setting the magnitude if you see the magnitude of these are the same thing and if you see the magnitude because of the be charged is soft and return the simple ok so this now you want the net electric field at the centre so if you see A and B are in same direction so I can at the to directly rate so I right now I am adding the e a r t c rate since they are in same direction sunao the diagram will be like

etc are in same direction and the magnitude of them as same and this is eevee and this angle is 30 and angle is again 38 hi A+ easiest 4kq by D square at eBay is also 4kq the vertical component of them will cancel out Each Other right since the magnitude are equal if you add them then vertical component of them like a sin 30 and vertical component of eBay will be also the same so they will cancel out each other like a this only the horizontal component will add up and the resultant will be twice of four k q b square

cosine of 30 degree re so ko sin 30° root 3 by 2 4 2 will we get cancelled out by this so you'll get root 3 and 4 and I will write the ke is equals to 1 by 4 5 6 7 8 and into cube and Square are you can see this 4 will get cancelled out and you will get you under root 3 by 7 days we can measure dance of which option is the correct if you see cube root 3 by 5 silver square Opp shinsei is the correct ones this is now the correct option 80 third option answer the question again this was our question and we found the electric field at the centre along a 2 root 3 by 5 salinadi square simple thank you

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