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Class 11






Kinetic Theory Of Gases


2g of hydrogen is sealed in a ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Given that: <br> ` n= 1 mole,` V= 0.02 m^3` <br> ` T= 300K, ` R=8.3 ` <br> From the formula <br> ` PV= nRT ` <br> `P=(nRT)/V =(1 xx 8.3 xx 300)/(0.02)` <br> ` P=1.24 xx 10 ^5Pa `

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location to BAM of nitrogen is sealed in a vessel of volume 0.0282 and is maintained at a temperature of the head away calculate the pressure in the given the mass of the hydrogen as program evil of the container as 0.02 M and the temperature is 300 Kelvin to calculate the pressure in the number of moles number of moons is equal to Mansa distance upon me 35 number of moles is n g and the molar mass of hydrogen is

apps we get the number of moles ok now using the ideal gas equation that is if he is equals to nrt what we get from pressure is equals to nrt upon the given the all the data source of universal gas constant R is given as 8.314 temperature given to 300 K value is given to assess 0.02 M cube solving this week at the Press and pressure comes out to be 1.2 into 10 raise to the power 5 fastest thank you

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