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0.1 mole of gas at 200K is mix...

0.1 mole of gas at 200K is mixed with 0.05 mole of same gas at 400K. If final temperature is equal to `10T_0` then find `T_0`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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hello everyone point 1 mole of gas at 200 K is mixed with 4.05 Mol of same gas at 400 Kelvin final temperature is equals to 10 not then find the not the internal energy of gas 1 and gas to so the internal energy of gas one will be a b two and one hour one is the degree of freedom and one is the number of moles and T is the temperature so I will write f by 2.1 hour into 200 rate so again I will write the internal energy of the second gas is equals to 1 by 2 and 2 are Tito Sohail and right left by 2 into 2 point 0 5 into this into 400

the total number of moles will be and not that is annual Plus and 2 is equals to 2.1 + 0.5 is equals 2.15 tight so that internally final is equals to every to and not are so it is said that it is not so I will attend the total energy will remain constant so I will write the unit is equals to 1 + YouTube Simple so if I put the value of unit U1 and U2 then I will write as Bittu and not are 10t not is equals to if you see we already calculated the UN is this so if you serious 20 hour

and this is FB to and this zero will get cancelled out and 4 in 25 is 2720 are very simple so I will write you one is a way to into 20 are you to is 2 into 20 are so you can cancel out this to ft2 ft2 and hear the and not is the summation of the two that is point 15 so I will it so far can also be cancelled out and I will write point 15 is equals to 20 into 10 is equals to 20 + 28 so if you for the solve it it not so I will

write tanot is equals to 42.15 into 10 is 1.5 what will be this so if you further solve it you will get it by 3 I will get a node is equals to 26.67 K this will be our answer thank you