The 1914 and 1939 wars that engulfed almost the entire world, were known as the World Wars due to its unprecedented impact and damage. In this context, answer the following: <br> Explain the consequences of the Second World War with reference to the Cold War.



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Consequences of the Second World War with reference to Cold War: The United States and Russia emerged as great powers in the world. During the Second World War, the USA and the Soviet Union fought together in cooperation with each other. Though both the countries did not engage in actual fight against each other, there was a state of extreme political tension between the two. This state of tension between countries, in which each side adopted policies designed to strengthen itself and weaken the other without any armed conflict, is known as the .Cold War.. Thus, the USA and the USSR continued to maintain diplomatic relations and did not resort to overt clashes, but treated each other with hostility. It also led to the formation of various military alliances such as NATO or North Atlantic Treaty Organisation under US leadership and the Warsaw Pact signed by the representatives of Russia and other Communist countries. This led to the division of the world into two power blocs. One bloc was led by the USA and the other by the erstwhile USSR. <br> (i) The Democratic and Capitalist Bloc : The bloc led by the USA, called the Western bloc or the American bloc, believed in liberal democracy based on Capitalism. This bloc comprised Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Greece, Pakistan, Turkey, etc. <br> (ii) The Communist Bloc : The bloc led by the USSR, called the Eastern bloc or the Soviet bloc believed in Communism based on Marxist theory. The Soviet bloc countries considered the western style democracy as a farce, meant only for the rich and upper middle class.

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