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One important pillar of admini...

One important pillar of administration was the nobility." Justify.



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One of the most important pillar of the Mughal state was its corps of officers, also referred to by historians collectively as the nobility. The nobility was recruited from diverse ethnic and religious groups, which ensured that no faction was large enough to challenge the authority of the state. This corps of the Mughals bouquet of flowers held together by loyalty to the emperor. Turani and Iranian nobles were the earliest in Akbar's imperial service. Many had accompanied Humayun and others migrated later to the Mughal Court<br>. From 1560 onwards, two ruling groups of Indian origin entered the imperial service, the Rajputs and the Indian Muslims. The first to join was a Rajput chief, Raja Bahrmal Kachhwaha of Amber, to whose daughter Akbar got marricd. Iranians joined high offices under Jahangir politically influential queen Nar Jahan was an Iranian. Aurangzeb appointed Rajputs to high positions and under him the Marathas accounted for a sizeable number within the body of officers. <br> All holders of the government offices held ranks or mansabs having designation of Zat, it was the indication of position in the imperial hierarchy and the salary of thre Mansabdar, and thre second one was of Sawar indicating the number of horsemen he was required to maintain in service. The nobles participated in military campaigns and also served as officers of the empire in provinces.

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