What is Difference between Hijab, Niqab, Burqa, Chador, Al-amira, Khimar, and Shayla

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As the hijab issue is turning out to be severe in our country, we must know what we are talking about. We often get confused about the different types of religious apparels the muslims wear. Let’s have the basic knowledge here: Niqab: A niqab is a type of veil worn with a headscarf or hijab. It covers the entire face while leaving the eyelids unobscured. Hijab: While the hijab covers the head and neck, it does not hide the face of the women who wear it. Hijab is also known as a headscarf. This type of religious apparel was linked to the Karnataka hijab row. Burqa: The burqa is a full-body loose garment that is the most concealing of all Islamic religious apparel. A mesh screen around the eyes allows ladies to see through the outfit. Al-Amira: Muslim women wear a two-piece veil called Al-Amira that consists of a fitted cap and a tube-like scarf. Chador: In public, Muslim women wear a full-body cloak called a chador. It is frequently worn with a tube-like scarf below. Shayla: It's a type of headgear worn by Muslim women in public that's wrapped, tucked, or fastened. Khimar: A Muslim woman's head covering that covers the hair, neck, and shoulders but leaves the face exposed.

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