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Write a composition (in approximately 450-500 words) on the following subject : <br> (You are reminded that you will be rewarded for orderly and coherent presentation of material, use of appropriate style and general accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar.) <br> .The best things in life come free.. Write for or against the statement. 

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THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE COME FOR FREE <br> (I) FOR THE MOTION <br> The proverb, "The best things in life come for free", in every sense of the word, is true. It is an archaic notion, and this kind of philosophy is usually mocked at in the current way of life yet the truth of the matter remains, the best things that make our lives worthwhile are free. <br> Relationships are free in life. They have no market price or selling price. It only requires our consistent efforts to be true to our family and friends, return the love we get from them and share all our highs and lows with them. One does not have to go to the mall to buy the love or the warmth of a mother.s hand when one is ill. One can never buy a father.s proud pat on the back when one achieves something or his hand on one.s head, his unconditional support, when one loses. A handshake of a friend or a hug from a daughter is all free and in abundance, if we try and work on our relationships with sincerity. <br>  Secondly, the experiences we undergo in life are free of cost too. Yes, education comes at a price. We pay our way through school and then college, yet the time we spend there and the memories and experiences we take with us are free. The support and camaraderie we receive from our teachers through the years is free and frankly, invaluable. The pride that our principal shows in us when we participate in inter or intra-school competitions is real and cannot be paid for. We also get constant attention by everyone involved in the well-being of students. All this is not a part of the fees we pay to the administration. The experiences we receive, when we organise a fest or school function for the first time, the experience of fighting and then later coaxing our friends to forgive us, the experience of working under our professors and then getting appreciated or scolded later, the experience of getting stuck in some serious situation and then coming out of it later on our own, are all priceless, all too valuable to even think about buying through paper currency. <br>  Furthermore, we tend to forget that the friendships that make our lives more worthy to live, are for free. They are gifts of time and love we get from people we have chosen to remain in our lives. Friends are unique because we choose them. They are not born in our lives. Their companionship is for life and all for free. Then, the people we fall in love with and decide to spend the rest of our lives with, are also free. We may spend a lot of money buying gifts, taking them for treats or spend lavishly even on a wedding, yet, the bond is strong, not because it was purchased with money but because it was built on trust. <br> The air we breathe and the beauty of nature we find solace in, is all free. The sunshine after days of rain, the rain after months of heat, one cannot put a price on the feeling we get when we observe the changes in seasons. The beaches, or the forests, the deserts or the mountains, whatever gives you happiness, is free for you to enjoy. <br> (II) AGAINST THE MOTION <br> I do not agree with those who believe that all the best things in life are free. I have always come across people who wax eloquent about how the air, water and nature are free for all, how all the emotions and relationships are free. I agree that all these things are free, but one still has to pay the price for almost all of them. There is no such thing as frec air or free water or free nature scenes. <br> I am sorry, but the air we breathe in, is poison, We cannot deny that the amount of particles, dust and harmful gases in the air we breathe, is frightening. Take the case of stubble burning and what has it done to the national capital. It was reported that children being born in December 2017, were breathing air as poisonous as smoking more than 20 cigarettes. This air starts weakening our lungs and affecting our whole system since we take birth. Air purifiers have become a necessity in the current scenario. We have to invest in purifying the air or allow it to slowly suffocate us. <br> The water which is free is regretfully not drinkable anymore ! It is the two hundred years after the industrial phase. The water is contaminated and will seriously harm us if we consume it for either bathing or drinking. If we want to drink water, we must buy the bottled one or get a water purifier installed to be able to drink water and not get sick. <br> Our loved ones love us for free, I agree. Our relationships give us the most deeply felt satisfaction. Due to the kind of lifestyle we have started living, the pollution that gets into our system even before we take birth renders most of us ill. We have health-related complications, all of us and if you want yourself and your loved ones to live a long and happy life, you need to spend a lot of money on their health. The medical services have expensive price tags. And we have to pay to make sure that our family and even friends remain healthy for a long time. <br> Furthermore, if we talk about nature, then sorry to burst someone.s bubble but nobody lives in a place where you get to see the mountains, deserts and beaches all in the same area. If you want to enjoy any of these sites, then you have to pay for the trip-travel tickets, accommodation and for food. The sight is free and certainly beautiful, yet to see that view, money has to be paid! Thus, nothing in the world, whether education, love, meditation, health, relationship is free! All of it comes with a price tag.

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