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Class 12






Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure


Zeise's salt contains which ty...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Ionic Ionic and covalent Hydrogen bonds Ionic, covelent and coordinate bonds

Answer : D
Solution : Ziese's salt is <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> It has ionic, covalent ( in ethaylene molecule) and coordinate bonds.

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this is all contain which type of Bond Ionic Ionic and covalent hydrogen bond and covalent plus co-ordinate bond is assaulted is your organometallic compound which contains carbon plus your metal so here in Jesus all we are having the formula it is k p t c l and B having cylinder C2 H4 so this is formula of your Jesus all which metal here it is platinum and this carbon Bond this is it is to ensure that it is considered as received structure it is your Platinum Heritage one chlorine is forming the co-ordinate Bond and we have in this link here it is hydrogen hydrogen hydrogen hydrogen and thus forming the and it is this poster with this Platina

mole of a negative forms the and this is it has ionic bond and you chloroform is this co-ordinate Bond chlorine and 80 to 84 act as a ligand and act as a doornail and which were donated the left onto your platinum so that it can be done as your coordinator and talk about your call and this carbon it is sharing the cover with this carbon to hear it is found your covalent bond Sohail will get to know that it contains ionic bond with a place and Platinum 48 Wan with your chlorine and covalent bond with your ethyl in that is carbon carbon molecule between present over here so this is your I need + covalent and co-ordinate bonds are present in diseases short

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