You enter a laboratory after a class has completed the Fountain Experiment. How will you be able to tell whether the gas used in the experiment was hydrogen chloride or ammonia ?



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Updated On: 19-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59ok so hello everyone know this question says that you entered a laboratory after a class is completed The Fountain experiment how will you able to tell whether the gas used in experiment 2 HCL or Ammonia was this fountain experiment let me right fountain experiment with this fountain experiment is used to illustrate the solubility of HCL and Ammonia solubility of HCL and Ammonia test NH3 and nf3 are highly soluble gases in water and they both are very soluble in water the hydrogen bonding present in them and insoluble to character can be determined by the fountain experiment so basically telling us that how can be determined
01:00 - 01:59after the experiment has been done that whether it was for all formulae what happens if you get gases are not visible to us so we add me right we add red cabbage red cabbage pH indicator indicator in water how to find whether the gases are getting soluble in water or not because we know that this water is neutral in nature to their per what happened this this pH indicator when it is neutral in DPS Greater than equal to 7 the colour is bluish green and when it is less than 7 at 20 minute is acidic start going Lesson 7 atmosphere becomes acidic
02:00 - 02:59the colour becomes red Udaipur what happens when we pass this water in the gases so according to their period the colour of the water will change to get cialis acidic and NH3 is basic so the colour of water if I was use colour will become redmi white colour will become reddish in it is acidic and Ammonia used as a base for the colour will become blue screen will remain closed because initially as water has pH of 7 M solution and it will remain it will just become more deeply usually become more dablu this is what happened when we conduct the experiment and using this we can prove that the gases were actually getting soluble in water so when you enter the Liberty after the payment has been completed you can take the
03:00 - 03:59colour of the water and tell which gas was used to this week and Data Solution thank you

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