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Nta Jee Mock Test 60


[X]+H_(2)SO_(4) rarr [Y] a col...

`[X]+H_(2)SO_(4) rarr [Y]` a colourless gas with irritating smell `[Y] + K_(2)Cr_(2)O_(7) + H_(2)SO_(4) rarr` green solution `[X]` and `[Y]` are


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`SO_(3)^(2-), SO_(2)``Cl^(-), HCl``S^(2-), H_(2)S``CO_(3)^(2-), CO_(2)`

Answer : A


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hello everyone in this section we have given X + H2 S o4 react to form why Kerala is 10 with editing Smith y-axis K2 cr2 O7 + H2 S o4 to form exam solution x and y are so latest charges question read through first of all the reaction given to Asus X + H2 S o4 forms my dear ex should be S3 E2 - and why should be issued to write so that this equation gets completed right here is 32 - reacts with sulphuric acid reacts with sulphuric acid that is H2 S o4 to form forms

Sulphur Dioxide that is SO2 which is colourless this is colorless and also has an irritating male height that is if you write the equation that is 32 - reacts with H2 s o4 two forms S right now in the folder you actually have been told that is so to react with K2 cr2 O7 + H2 S o4 write it will form C H 2 S o4 price + ki 2 S o4 +

water now this yaar 2 S o4 whole thrice as a solution green solution so we can conclude that our answer comes out to be X is ISO 32 - and why is it so to this is our answer