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Some Important Organic Name Reactions


Wurtz reaction. ...

Wurtz reaction.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : This reaction involves the interaction of two molecules of an alkyl halide (preferably bromide or iodide) in presence of dry ether to form symmetrical alkanes having double the number of carbon atoms present in the alkyl halide. For example, <br> `underset("Methyl iodide")(CH_(3)I)+2Na+ICH_(3)overset("Ether")(to)2NaI+underset("Ethane")(CH_(3)CH_(3))` <br> `underset("Ethyl bromide")(C_(2)H_(5)Br)+2Na+BrC_(2)H_(5)overset("Ether")(to)2NaBr+underset("Butane")(C_(4)H_(10))` <br> When a mixture of two different alkyl halides is used a mixture of alkanes is formed. <br> For example, on heating methyl iodide and ethyle iodine with sodium, mixture of ethane, propane and butane is obtained as illustrated below : <br> `CH_(3)I+2Na+IC_(2)H_(5)toCH_(3)C_(2)H_(5)+2NaI` <br> `CH_(3)I+2Na+ICH_(3)toCH_(3)CH_(3)+2NaI` <br> `C_(2)H_(5)I+2Na+IC_(2)H_(5)toC_(2)H_(5)C_(2)H_(5)+2NaI` <br> Since the mixture of alkanes is difficult to separate, this method is suitable only for symmetrical alkanes, i.e., alkanes having even number of carbons. However, the method is not suitable for the preparation of unsymmetrical alkanes. Recently, Corey and House have suggested a method for the preparation of unsymmetrical alkanes. This method is called Corey - House reaction.


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glass partition the question is old action so what is Arjun reaction so if you have any alkyl halide generally one degree cal more favourable in the presence of sodium and it will be used as a medium so we use it has a medium that it will react with each other we can say something like this and form here alkane will be fun to from here are seven along with the price of an equable is from us that with the product to the product we can see that it is a preparation of alkanes by what is the mechanism of the fall we have used this sodium sodium is a metal or it will rules electron use Tu Mo Love Story 2 mole of electron will be released from here after that it will react with this indicates 1 laptop approach to this alkyl halide in that case what will happen when we selected will approach share this bond between a and b is bonded to will be taken by this

group Sahi Vikalp inform medical along with this negative so we have used to love this alkyl halides with two identical uniform we can take to learn and to our rights to this article will try and get negative and that to a radical will combine with each other after that this alkyl halide with sorry I can be formed and remember that the deposit is only symmetrical Alpina possible and in the presence of this is only possible we cannot use water because in the presence of water restrictions will convert into a tour which direction is called I hope you understand the whole concept of situation thank you

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