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Write the structure of the ami...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Propanamine contains three carbons. Hence, the amide molecules must contains four carbon atoms, Structure of the amide with four carbon atoms are given below: <br> `CH_3-CH_2-CH_2-underset(O)underset(||)C-NH_2`

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students in this question we need to look after write the structure of the amide which give proper and a mean by Hoffmann bromamide degradation to first of all you must know that Hoffmann bromamide bromamide reaction is the reaction which amount is being converted to the amine of containing one carbon less as compared to a parent 12 do we need to obtain the propanamide so that means we need to take the amide with tube containing more than one carbon from this molecule to let's take the example of Proper noun is contained he come to take command molecule with those containing four history ch2 ch2 C double bond 1234 carbon BF taken addresses the money 23112 NH2 so this is disturbing the my what we need to do we need to add br2 and in these are the region which are effectively include in the am condition what will be the product this

animated so we're going to left with CH3 ch2 ch2 NH2 additional product within 15 business any two three and our any we are now you can easily manage them by balancing the number of atoms both side for each of them this is going to be completely action where Hoffmann bromamide degradation reaction is performed and taken by us is business structure of a given position

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