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Class 11






Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles And Techniques


Write the structural formula o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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hello the question is write the structural formula of the following compound OK so the first compound are given with autoit hide and show ok so what is file and it shows any four compound is when on benzene ring oxygen with Ch 3 groups attached and on the author position of this particular group is highest rupees attach that is C2 h5 this is a picture of the next near given with para nitroaniline so which means and alien broken nitro group are on para positions to each other so this is our end and on its derivation nitro group is attached that is and no next the question is 23 dibromo 1 Phineas and steel so here we will first for

phenyl group and on the first position that is suppose we are starting from here on this first position contained in these attached container will be 12345 and on this Pantene ring 23 on different ending on the second and 12345 on the second and third revision bromo groups are attached here will be 23 dibromo this is pentane ring ok so this is the structure formula of 2-3 drive bromo Vamsi nice and name next compound is 431 fluoro to nitro so here

we'll start with the nitro benzene group on benzene ring and NO2 group is attached Anta to nitro then this is the first position is given to the floor e 1234 on 4th group ethyl group is attached to the structure formula of ethyl 1 fluoro to thank you very much


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