Updated on:30/05/2023

Write the names of isotopes of hydrogen. What is the mass ratio of these isotopes?



write the names of isotopes of Hydrogen what is the mass ratio of these isotopes of Hydrogen has three isotopes namely first one is protium represented as h11 news deuterium represented as h12 Audi 3rd Ganesh tritium represented as h13 or simply
Chhotu find out the mass ratio will first see the atomic masses of these three isotopes Mick number and atomic mass and atomic number all the root of 7 atomic number of hydrogen so we can write husband net tomic mass of proton is also one because the only one proton and you image one proton and neutron service atomic masses 2 and 3 team has one proton and two neutrons service atomic masses 3 English Suno atomic masses of isotopes should therefore
mass ratio is 1 ratio 2 ratio 3 respectively protium deuterium and tritium 1 ratio 2 ratio 3 thank you

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