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Write the names of isotopes of hydrogen what is the mass ratio of these isotopes ?


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Hydrogen has three isotopes: protium, (.11H), Deuterium, (.21H or D) and tritium, (.31H or T).
These isotopes differ from one another in respect of the presence of neutrons.
Ordinary hydrogen, protium, has no neutrons, deuterium (also known as heavy hydrogen) has one and tritium has two neutrons in the nucleus.
In the year 1934, an American scientist, Harold C. Urey, got Nobel Prize for separating hydrogen isotope of mass number 2 by physical methods.
The predominant form is protium. Terrestrial hydrogen contains 0.0156% of deuterium mostly in the form of HD. The tritium concentration is about one atom per 1018 atoms of protium. Of these isotopes, only tritium is radioactive and emits low energy B- particles. Its half life period is (t12=12.33 years)
Since the isotopes have the same electronic configuration, they have almost the same chemical properties.
The only difference is in their rates of reactions, mainly due to their different enthalpy of bond dissociation.
However, in physical properties these isotopes differ considerably due to their large mass differences.
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