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Organic Chemistry


Write the names and structura...

Write the names and structural formulae of the following: <br> a saturated hydrocarbon


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Ethane` H-underset(H)underset(|) overset(H) overset(|) C-underset(H) underset(|) overset(H) overset(|) C-H`


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Hello write the name and structure formula for the following saturated hydrocarbon hydrocarbon hydrocarbons organic compound that are made up of hydrogen and carbon atom that this is something all hydrocarbon talk about saturated hydrocarbon so per condition of write for condition of saturated hydrocarbon let's GST rate for condition of saturated hydrocarbon their having only single bond between carbon and hydrogen atoms and their call alkanes so there is single bond between carbon or hydrogen or you can say carbon ka only single from present and those these compounds are known elkins right now look at me to write its name and structure formula for the following two so latest awkward general formula of general formula for

alkynes is C nh212 night I never take example a like for Ethane latest if we have any question to write any question 2020 objective second element and molecule of this group right if we are taking and is equals to 2 so we have 32 hc2 and we have address e-286 night so this is actually the formula for Ethane structure structure is like a carbon carbon double bond and we have three hydrogen associated with it so hydrogen hydrogen can and again so it is C2 H6 so this is it a little

red hen it is a saturated hydrocarbon having single bond thank you