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Sample Question Paper -4


Write the IUPAC name of the f...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : 3-Methyl but - 1- yne

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hello everyone the question is write IUPAC name of the following compounds with this question then given as a compound and we have to write on the IUPAC name for it so the first step of writing down the I have to find the longest chain can see that there is a triple Bond present between these two companies that means that it is an alkine so we have to make sure that is triple Bond comes into the in in the longest in ok so we have to select a change that I like it join this as well so we have to select this one laddu Singh contains 4 carbon atoms and also the 111 ok now we have selected the change the second step is to start with numbering to the numbering should be such that the triple Bond should be presented with a the lowest locant ok so we start from here it won't become a third carbon atom but as he starts from here it will come at a first so we will start from here so that will be one

it is one two three and four Suna we have number the carbon atoms was it is seen that the world would will be a 4 carbon atoms that is also at the first carbon atom there is in triple triple bonds that means that it was carbon atom there will be an alkaline or you can save water borne diseases write the IUPAC name also you can see that other third carbon atoms there is a side chain that is methylcytosine so we have 3 methyl group Chhod carbon atoms prerequisite of writing UPSC name knowledge start with R U P A C name ok so first started to fix that is that 3 methyl ok now we have written down the prefix we will then continue with the mainboard route that is bute again as a set

here at the first carbon atom we have a triple bonds which will be due to one stating the position of the triple Bond and then we will write the specific patterns and that is used for alkynes 2198 the IUPAC name of compound is 3 methyl butan I know that was explanation thank you

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