Write the formulae of the following coordination compound Potassium tetracyanonickel (0)

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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funny student in the given question we need to write a formula for the given coordination compound the compound potassium tert of Nickel atomic symbols to potassium will be case tightening 4 times orbital is signed 11 which is cm and its number is given as soon as our central metal atom which it can I will be the world with the coordination spare part nikal 13.4 in number this is a difficult to find how many protective and we are going to take balance

negative negative 1 X number of molecules that is both these will be equal to the coordination spare parts which is given as the value after turns out to be negative of pool that the coordination is going to this negative forces will be having a negative charge of the positive charge for how many Pratima required to adjust which I need at least four equal protection will be the total formula formula will be keep for an eye on holpur there will be included in the coordination part 2 that will be the condition for a given

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