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Class 9






The Language Of Chemistry


Write the balanced chemical eq...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone to have this question we have to write the balanced chemical equation for the following word equation that is Sodium Hydroxide + sulphuric acid react to form sodium sulphate and water I have highlighted the reactants with yellow and the products with green Sinha latest write the reaction we will first write the reaction and then balance it Sodium Hydroxide that is any + sulphuric acid H2 S o4 gives us the product sodium sulphate that is any 2 s o4 plus water now the first thing that strikes the mind for balancing this is here we have two atoms of any and you are we are only

one so to compensate the any atoms on both side we will add to our services we have to do this by hit and trial method that is no other method to balance equation so any is balance now we can see we have for hydrogen in the reactant side after adding this to and we have only two hydrogen photo compensate the hydrogen what we can do is we can add to our here we will see that a reaction is automatically balance after adding this letter just check latest right that we have any we have a huge we have us and we have oh ok so any it is to on both sides so it is balanced hydrogen is 4 on both sides

to over here to over here to because of this two molecules of any which is present or we can say two moles of any images present for hydrogen for on both sides then we have a s s we can see one on both sides sweaters balance and this oxygen we see we have to oxygen atoms here and for that means 6 over you are also we have 4 and to over here that 66 oxygen atoms on both sides so this is a way of balancing the equation for the final balance equation is 2n + H2 S o4 will give us any 2 S o4 + 2 moles of water

this is a complete balance equation thank you

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