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Class 9






The Language Of Chemistry


Write the balanced chemical eq...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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hello everyone we have this question where we have to write the balanced equation for the following word equation that is chlorine reacts with Sulphur dioxide and water to form sulfuric acid and HCL the first letters write the reaction then we will see how to balance in chlorine that means cl2 + Sulphur Dioxide SO2 react with water to form sulfuric acid + HCL now we see which items are balance and which are not we see a to chlorine atoms your and one chlorine atom so chlorine is not balance one sulphur here one sulphur here

sulphur is balanced tree oxygen atoms we are three oxygen atoms of the Year in react inside that is two plus 13 and we have 4 oxygen atom in the product side so oxygen is also not balance and hydrogen visit to hydrogen atom in the reactant side and 2 + 13 hydrogen atom in the product side so basically hydrogen is also not balanced only sulphur is balance now first we will try to balance the atom which is present alone is present alone in the reactant side first we will try to compensate the chlorine atom by adding 22 over your we see that

chlorine is balance and by adding 23 hydrogen becomes 4 hydrogen and here we have two hydrogen to make this two hydrogen for what we have to do we have to add to over here we see we get for hydrogen in the reactant side and for hydrogen in the product side to hydrogen gets balance after this we have to just check whether oxygen atoms a balance or not to oxygen atoms and you are we have to oxygen atoms that is 4 oxygen atoms in the reactant side we have four oxygen atoms in the product side servicedesk reaction is

balance letters write it in fresh cl2 + SO2 + H2O will give us H2 s o4 for Plus two moles of HCL if you want you can write down the names of the reactants and products that is chlorine this is Sulphur dioxide reacting with water to form sulfuric acid and HCL you can ask why this cannot be hydrochloric acid first of all it is written in the question HCL the reason is that we cannot use hydrochloric acid because maybe this HCL

is present in gaseous form that means dishes form is known as HCL gas but hydrochloric acid is the actress form of HCL that means it's a l + H2O that is hydrochloric acid so we don't know whether this is AC was a gaseous so whatever it is written in the question just stick to that this is a complete answer thank you

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - ICSE Class 9 CHEMISTRY

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