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Class 9






The Language Of Chemistry


Write the balanced chemical eq...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello later solve this question the questions that write the balanced chemical equation for the following word equation aluminium + Sodium Hydroxide + water gives sodium meta aluminate + hydrogen in this equation a word equation is given and we have to write a balanced chemical equation for it so we have aluminium actors real when it combines with Sodium Hydroxide that is any age and water that is H2O then there is a formation of sodium meta aluminate that is naalo2 this is Sodium meta aluminate + hydrogen that is H2 now we have to balance this equation balanced equation is that in which the atoms of each element are equal on both the sides of reaction that is reactant

and so if we start with the reactant side on react inside we have one aluminium atom then we have one sodium atom then we have two oxygen atoms then we have to till 3 hydrogen atom I don't product side we have one aluminium one sodium atom oxygen atoms are too and hydrogen atoms are now we have to equalise these numbers now if you look at aluminium they are equal sodium are also equal oxygen are also equal but hydrogen are not e we have to equalise the hydrogen now what we can do on

react inside we have three hydrogen but on product side we have just too so what we can do now on product side we will write two in front of H2O when we write two hydrogen atoms now will be 4 but on react inside we have just three what we will do we will write two in front of any with this hydrogen atom if you count now hydrogen atom that will be to from any Chintu from H2O sunao hydrogen atoms are also 4 on the reactants but here when we write two in front of sodium and oxygen also increase sodium atoms are also two on the reactant side and if we count the oxygen from anywhere we have now to oxygen H2O 13 oxygen have just one on react inside we have to

write two in front of naalo2 with this sodium atoms becomes too also aluminium becomes too and Oxygen will be equal to 2 into 2 that will be 4 now you can see on product side we have to aluminium button react inside we have only one will write two in front of aluminium to sodium are equal but oxygen are not equal so we have to realise the oxygen have 4 oxygen but on reactant side we have just to oxygen so what we will do we will write two in front of H2O we will write 2 in front of H2O now with this oxygen atoms

if we count oxygen atom we get to from here to from here so we have now but no hydrogen atoms are also increased if you look at hydrogen we get to hydrogen from here and four hydrogen from total six hydrogen but again on product side we have only four so what we will do if this two and put three here we get six hydrogen atoms now you can see all the atoms are equal to the resulting equation is 2 a l + 2 n a o h plus 2 H2O gift Tu naalo2 plus 3 H2 this is the resulting

balanced equation balanced equation I hope you understood the explanation thank you

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