Write the balanced chemical equation for the following and identify the type of reaction in each case.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Potassium bromide(aq) + Barium iodide(aq) `rarr` Potassium iodide(aq) + Barium bromide(s) Zinc carbonate(s) `rarr` Zinc oxide(s) + Carbon dioxide(g)Hydrogen(g) + Chlorine(g) `rarr` Hydrogen chloride(g) Magnesium(s) + Hydrochloric acid(aq) `rarr` Magnesium chloride(aq) + Hydrogen(g)

Solution :
(a) `2KBr (aq)+BaI_(2)(aq) rarr 2KI (aq) + BaBr_(2)(s)` :Double displacement reaction <br> (b) `ZnCO_(3)(s)rarr ZnO(s)+CO_(2)(g)` : Decomposition reaction <br> (c) `H_(2)(g)+Cl_2(g) rarr 2HCl(g)` : Combination reaction <br> (d) `Mg(s) +2HCl(aq) rarr MgCl_(2)(aq)+H_(2)(g)` : Displacement Reaction.


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the question is write the balanced chemical equation for the following and identify the type of the national consider the first won the first case with potassium Bromide + barium iodide giving put option potassium Bromide is written as KBR write this is reacts with barium iodide day2 Aqua se Den information of potassium iodide which is why they are given word questions India convert into chemical equation symbolic phone you have in your barium Bromide reaction

we will be performing babr2 here so we have 1br in the reactant side and to in the products we will be writing to your balance now we have to potassium to write to balance balance all the atoms in the reactant is well as the product is going to build placement this reaction is going to be a double displacement reaction is what is happening in the minds of taking please your with potassium Bromide is present but in the product line with potassium cyanide Ion with barium your iodide is present in the products light area room ideas

two prominent reactants and products side you have given when barium into ID reaction is completely balance talking about the next part is in cabinet is incorporated znco3 right then it is leading to the formation of zinc oxide which is better during the formation of carbon dioxide is going to be just carbon dioxide now if you look here what is happening in a single substance P composing the gift to a most cancers such action is known as decomposition reaction write decomposition reaction

one carbon and carbon tree Oxygen and oneplus 2T oxygen completely balance decomposition reaction talking about the steep the same path is hydrogen + chlorine which is cl2 is leading to the formation of a which is this is what it is leading to leading to hear what is happening to the substances which means that this is going to be a combination reaction is going to be a combination reaction to this combination of two hydrogen and chlorine is right to hear everything will be now talking about

when is magnesium rate which is a solid + hydrochloric acid which is lead to the formation of MgCl2 right along with hydro along with hydrogen just right now you will represent it is happening magnesium being more reactive than hydrogen is displacing the from its solution and leading to the submission of Liberation of displacement reaction taking place Chloride and detailed information of magnesium chloride and q can balance with how can you manage your account magnesium 1982 chlorine with this one was never die to here now you have to hide

hydrogen balance chemical equation we have written the balance chemical equation

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