Write the balanced chemical equation for - I ] Action of cold & dilute nitric acid on copper. (ii) Action of conc nitric acid on sulphur .iii] Laboratory preparation of nitric acid.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello the question that write the balanced chemical equation for first action of cold and dilute nitric acid on copper metal write down the reaction so went dilute nitric acid reacts with then we get nitrate in water and nitric oxide is known as nitric oxide reaction to the balance reaction will be this now it is expected that when we are copper with nitric acid than NO2

but it is not seen in this case because in dilute nitric acid water is also present because of water the Nitrogen dioxide which is 4 reaction water and proportionate to nitric acid and nitric oxide because Nitrogen dioxide is proportionate in water demo on reacting with dilute nitric acid with nitric oxide and nitrogen oxide 80 now let us know the second part in the second part of the question we ask that the chemical equation action of concentrated nitric acid latest right now the reaction when

reduction reaction occurs and oxidized to SO2 and nitric oxide is reduced to NO2 and water is now complete reaction so this is the balance reaction now latest operation be asked the chemical equation for the laboratory preparation of Nitric acid soap laboratory uses nitric acid is produced by heating copper nitrate to get copper oxide Nitrogen dioxide and Oxygen gas now and nitrogen oxide form made to react with

what nitric acid is the formation of nitrous acid reaction for the laboratory preparation of Nitric acid

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