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Alcohols, Phenols And Ethers


Write structural formula for a...

Write structural formula for all the isomeric alcohols having the molecular formula `C_(4)H_(10)O`.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Some compounds can rotate the plane polarised light, when it is passed through their solution. Such compounds are called optically active compounds. The structures of the isomers of alcohols with molecular formula `C_(4)H_(10)O` are as follows <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/ARH_NCERT_EXE_CHM_XII_C11_S01_040_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> The asymmetry of the molecule is responsible for the optical activity in a molecule. If all the four substituents attached to the carbon are different then the carbon is called asymmetric of chrial carbon and such a molecule is called asymmetric molecule. <br> In the above explained structure, it is only butan-2-ol which contains a chrial carbon and hence it is optically active.


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what are the items structural isomers are those guys so much which has a molecular formula and molecular formula is thing but but the structures of the compound with the structures are and that's why it happened that possible isomers are also known as it used herein to write the structural isomers of what is molecular formula and chemical called that the functional group will be what so late fees structure

English equal to what we can do things that we need to write the structural formula for health or medical news or functional groups over the simple chain structure of forest and riding the Santoshi 12345678 910 I do that to Karva and one that is easy to visit our website for medical call having this molecular formula alright its name will be name will be

what 12121 will become why we can put the with attached to A carbon with only one can also make it as starting chicken put this on which is secondary h s s

Ch 21 Orissa doctor is a customer secondary carbon connectivity changed but it is also sunao this name is name will be what is name review 3 film internet changed to 3 and 4

Kisne will be written to hold now what we can do we can also make a branching your right hand in put Ch 2 in one of the physician and make a branching structure will be ch3ch what are you doing this it with a long she was also long sympathy to the PS3 PSP classf 7 8 9 10 group

which is present in well and violence to structure the ch2 CH3 ch2 three years after 20 years which team will become what are the right one in this is what we call so we can do it let's put it was attached

by putting here if I put it here and here is another software to an output carbon is this is also primary carbon because it is also attached to an hour but this is one two and three and then it will become a tertiary alcohol alcohol as well because it causes

different connectivity number number the carbon to entry number Tak 123 it will be seen if I take this 123 then the subsequent write the name of the compound write to mithaai mithaai propane to help locate

Jadavpur of structural isomers are possible of molecular formula of alcohols easily as Medical College Bihta possible for the molecular formula for text now which compound is optically active to possible for that we should know what is optical me right to see it here what is optically active compound which rotate the plane of the optical

polarised light to the left of the right optically active compound what is necessary in asymmetric what is optical activity that means that the compound will rotate the people right and not to confirm that to this point to get to know that a wipe data failed at the necessary condition for an optically active compound that it should have an asymmetric carbon or should have you can see also have a chiral carbon in carbon should be present and what is attached to it that all love status with example

10,000 who is attached to it and it is on the sport isomers is there any carbon 33

Prem to hydrogen same two hydrogen atoms of course this is not optically active we are using same to hydrogen one hydrogen with a detective Priya 2203 hand PS2 PS3 is group it and it is a methyl group has just like this show has also cause of frequent occurrence that this carbon will we are optically carbon will be our chiral carbon and butan 2 OL will become are optically active

will be optically active isomers of butane 12th optically active because it has won chiral carbon butan 1 OL had no other structures as well 2 methylpropane 1 Oz 301 PS3 attached to this Karbonn asked him to mithaiyon attached to this Karbonn Karbonn have same soft that is not an optically active compound it is not a optically active compound with carbon is not a correct this is not correct option because it has 2 CL

2 hydrogen automatically after budget ka hat but 32 is optically active compound because it has a point So out of these four items only butane-2 is optically active quite understood with thank you so much