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Class 12






P-block Elements


Write one chemical equation to...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : `SO_2` reduces `KMnO_4` to `MnSO_4` <br> `2KMnO_4 + 2H_2O + 5SO_2 rarr K_2SO_4 + 2MnSO_4 + 2H_2SO_4`

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hello friends my computer is a question asking us to write one equation show reducing no first of all by what you are the reducing agent SO2 how to split a + b can do a compound which country right now when chemical equation

equation only chemical equation MP3 positive positive reaction in presence of Water used to minus plus also given hydrogen ions H plus

positive and this is what happens if so how to sing it in one example this happens in acidic medium if you want to how to learn that was converted all victim to so4 mind that is it gets oxidized and it is reduced so you will we have shot of to oxygen so we like to water and plus two hydrogen video questions and leave our three positive

ft to positive this we have to add electron charge will be added to an electron no you can still well presented and valence electron understand cancel out of electron and will get if we add reactions actors reaction BB

you can apply in every action so I have to cal

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