Write IUPAC names of the following compounds and classify them into primary, secondary and tertiary amines.
(i)(CH3)2CHNH2 (ii)CH3(CH2)2NH2 (iii)CH3NHCH(CH3)2
(iv)(CH3)3CNH2 (v)C6H5NHCH3 (vi)(CH3CH2)2NCH3

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i. Propan -2-amine (1)
ii. Propan-1-amine (1)
iii. N-Methylpropan -2-amine (2)
iv 2-Methylpropan 1-2amine (3)
v. N-Methylbenzenamine or N-Methylaniline (2)
vi. N-Ethul-N-methylethanamine(3) ltbr> Viii. 3 - Bromoenzenamine or 3-Bromoanlinine (1).

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