Write down the observation for the following: Hydrogen sulphide gas, is passed through aqueous copper sulphate solution.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Black precipitate of copper sulphide (CuS) is formed.


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everybody today question is write down the observation of the following we have to write down the earth observation of this reaction is hydrogen sulphide gas is passed through aquis copper sulphate solution status write the reaction we have identified at is H2S it is passed through copper sulphate solution of cuso4 it is a blue solution and when will open with an action we find out that it gives a precipitate was copper sulphide this is copper sulphide and the blood precipitate and it was so good and how do they represent is presented by downward Arrow this is a first observation that a black precipitate is formed a black status

as observation is that it is difficult seed is hydrogen is combined with sulphate is hydrogen combining with sulphate to give her didn't suffer with sulphuric acid and Sulphuric combine with copper giving copper sulphide there is a couple is formed Laika double couple hydrogen with Sulphur sulphur Sulphur with copper this is what is the double is an example of double displacement reaction double displacement reaction why because these sulphide ions and hydrogen as they react with acid sulfuric acid double displacement reaction

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