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Write down the IUPAC name of <...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : <img src="" width="80%"> <br> During naming of N-substituted amine, substituted group present at N are added as suffix of N-alkyl in IUPAC nomeclature.

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question is write down the IUPAC name of this Amin we would first right what is given to us this is the structure that they are given with nitrogen have to be attached to it and one benzene rings as three alkyl or rarely parts are attached to this means that the meaning of tertiary amine or 3 degree amine how they are saying us to name it so hard to beat IUPAC name of the following series Part that is attached with nitrogen so it would be an n-dimensional because these are two methods to be an end and then this part which is basically a benzene and species that whole structure guess would be to benzamine to

it time it doesn't mean I know why this of benzene aur here is a method which is it should be like benzene and then it will be a mean but as our effect starting from A that's why we omit this is why it is Benjamin and whenever we have a suffix starting with a i o u always homemade power of the process that that is why it is now the substance present in the end the energy that address the effects of the UN and guide in IUPAC Nomenclature the substituents present on nitrogen are added

as effect of an alkyl in IUPAC Nomenclature which means that I suppose this is our n-alkyl and this is a kind of substitute that is attached to one end to that is why the Benjamin is used as a suffix to its advantage and nitrogen at the top of an alkylene IUPAC Nomenclature IUPAC name of the given compound

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