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Write down structure of the following compounds: <br> N,N-diethylpropanamide

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hi everyone let's equation Surya the question is write down the structure of the following compound ok so here we have the compound that is an and I ethyl propanamide ok so I talk about the amide group sofa amide rupees conh2 this is our amide group ok and here we have a Theory that is C2 h5 in this structure we have the to ethyl groups ok because here we have the die and propane means when we have the three carbon Chain and that are connected by the single bond because here we also single bond because here we also have the in right here we also have the in ok and here we see this is a word chain terminating group ok and yet the position of the chain terminating group that is a amide group is not specified right because this will be assigned the position number 1

according to the IUPAC rules and including this carbon only we have the three carbons in the chain so hear what it will be cc&c ok and here we have a c double bond o n right because why I have only written and Y have not written this H2 because here it is given n n diethyl it means that this Karbonn we have the attachment of to ethyl groups ok so here let's take a first let's serious structure ok now this structure is done here we have to just complete the bonds of the carbon here we will CH3 here we will have the ch2 because Karbonn acquires The Four Points ok so here if we have each ch3coona and your we have H and here we have the attachment of CH3 so here one is reply

is by the methyl group and it is named as the n methyl acetate it ok to from here we have got to know that when a word here to hydrogens are replaced by the group Suite is named as an and die ethyl propanamide ok so here if we take this is propanamide this is one this is to this is 33 carbon connected by single bond and here we have this group ok so this is this structure is CH3 ch2 here we have a c double bond oh and here we have an ok so here we can represent it like this also ch2 CH3 ok and it can be represented like this also CH3 ch2 here we have a c double bond O here we have NC

and here we have to C2 h5 because C2 h5 can also be written like this can also be written like this ok so this both are the correct representations for the given compound and that's on so thank you

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