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Write down structure of the following compounds: <br> N-methylpropanamide

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
`{:(CH_(3)NH-C-CHCH_(3)),(" ||"),(" "O):}`


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hi everyone letter questions here the question is write down the structure of the following compound and we have Aise n methyl propane amide ok and hear this methyl we know that our CH3 group and if we talk about this propanamide the amide is our conh2 and if we talk about propane propane is when we have the three carbons in the tree ok and here given this and methyl ok but before that we have here this is our chain terminating group terminating group ok and when we have the chain terminating groups they are assigned the position number 1 according to the IUPAC rules and including this carbon only we have the three carbons in the chain ok now this n-methyl means that here to this nitrogen ok to this nitrogen one hydrogen is replaced by this with file

it means that here we will have the attachment of 1 methyl group that's why it is named as and methyl it means to end position we have the attachment of the methyl group so here we are the three carbons 1 2 and 3 bondo here we have NH error we have the CH3 group here we have a CH3 group ok let's write it in the different way here we will have the CH3 group to this position ok sunao here these all are connected to each other by the single bond because it is given proper ok it means the single bond when we add the suffix so here we have the in this is removed when we are the suffix ok so here that's why it is our attachment single bonds so here we now need to complete the bonds of carbon sure it will be CH3 because carbon acquired 410 it will be ch2 this is structure we can represent it in another way so that it will be more

understood here we have a new year we have CH3 and here we have it because here we need three wants to Karbonn so yeah this one is 3 and 1 is hydrogen ok because it was our NH2 it means one at is replaced and we have is the methyl group ok so this is named as n-methyl propanamide ok because it is one it is to it is 33 carbons ok so that's it is our and methyl propanoate might ok so let's write the structures of this is this one it can be represented in that we also which we have written earlier ok just this structure is for the better understanding so yes this methyl group is attached to the nitrogen only ok we can represent in this way also ok so these are ever correct representations for the given compound thank you

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