Write balanced chemical equations for the Monochloro ethane is hydrolysed with aqueous KOH.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone here the question is write balanced chemical equation for mono chloro Ethane when it is Hydra hydrolysed by Edward hydrolyzed with aquascape to hear the reaction is when monochloro it and that is CH3 ch2 CL react with it forms seatu sorry C2 h5 which + case this reaction is not balanced where 12 carbon in the left hand side there are also two carbon in the right hand side ear 325 + 16 hydrogen present indefinite side gear 5 + 16 hydrogen present in right hand side

you also want to hear one ke are also one ke and tear one off season in present India and send you also want nitrogen and oxygen is present in right hand side so it is totally balance equation when mono chloro Ethane is hydrolyzed wheat at cost Awaaz thank you

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