Write balanced chemical equations for the following reactions : <br> Prepration of methane from anhydrous sodium ethanoate (sodium acetate).

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello tune question is write balanced chemical equation for the following reaction preparation of Methane from anhydrous sodium ethanoate or sodium is this question we have to write down the balanced chemical equation for the preparation of Methane from enhydra sodium ethanoate so Methane is produced from sodium Itna wait by heating it ways Sodium Hydroxide that is

anyway and calcium oxide in presence of calcium oxide it will produce methane gas and sodium carbonate and shooting component that is any two Suchi reaction it can be represented as sodium ethanoate of Sodium Acetate is ch3cooh + anyway is heated in the presence of calcium oxide it will form Methane and sodium carbonate any two co3 is for Sodium Acetate or sodium ethanoate

this is Methane Gas produced and this is sodium carbonate which is produced as a byproduct which is produced by the by product from this reaction to this is the preparation of Methane using sodium ethanoate is Ee balance chemical the 2012 chemical reaction I hope you understood this solution thank you

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