Write balanced chemical equations for the Burning of ethane in potential supply of air.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello bhai given question to write balanced chemical equation for the burning of Ethane is potential supply of a formula is C2 H6 message in potential burning of air that mean air is Oxygen so we have to eat him in the season and Vice City C2 S6 plus O2 gives carbon dioxide and water question is not balance now

21 hydrogen here it is 600 side to side is 2/3 so first make hydrogen equal that mean Tu super x this is equal to romantic and multiplier of season also provision is becoming too which is not possible + 2 is equal to 8 and 7 is to their shared in one super balance carbon if I will multiply here to become hydrogen 12

and here it is again here to that is 12 multiplying here I am fine Subah x 6 x 6 8 oxygen and here it is carbon 24 smartiply against for his balance balance equation 28 and 42 x 7 7 is equal to 47126 + 8 is equal to 14 so every atom in both

of the equations are equal to Jacqueline it is balanced chemical equation and the product form is carbon dioxide and water carbon dioxide water a pond explanation of the question of the clearly you thank you

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