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Class 10






Analytical Chemistry- Use Of Ammonium Hydroxide And Sodium Hydroxide


Write balanced chemical equati...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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the question says write balanced chemical equation for the following zinc oxide dissolves in sodium hydroxide formula of zinc oxide is zn it is always in sodium hydroxide anyway it is the formula of sodium hydroxide so this reaction does not occur at normal conditions for zinc oxide to dissolved in sodium hydroxide we have to give temperature of 500 to 600 degree Celsius and products from R N A to Z auto plus water this is known as

soda zincate entasis water think oxide is an inorganic compound which is white in colour and it is insoluble in water moreover zinc oxide is amphoteric oxide the meaning of amphoteric means that it reacts both

acid and base is known for the strongest base in when zinc oxide dissolves in any way at temperature 500 to 600 degrees celsius sodium zincate form for balancing this equation we have to count each item we can see that in reactants here is zinc is one and enproducts Zinc is one oxygen is one hair and other oxygen is here and there are two oxygen in the reactor inside in product side we can see there

2 and 3 of seasons in react inside there is one Sodium and in product there is there are two sodium double the number of NH molecules can see that the number of atoms of each element will be same in the reactant and product side now that this reaction is balanced


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