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Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Solution : Take two test tubes. Mark them as 'A' and 'B'. Take about 0.5 gm of sodium carbonate in the test tube 'A' and 0.5 gm of sodium hydrogen carbonate in test tube 'B'. Add about 2 ml of dilute HCl acid to both of these test tubes. Pass the gas produced in each case through lime water as shown in the figure. Lime water in each case will turn milky due to the production of `CO_(2)` gas in each of the test tubes. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Reaction occurring in the above activity : <br> Test tube 'A' `Na_(2)CO_(3)(s)+2HCl (aq) rarr 2NACl (aq)+CO_(2) (g)+H_(2)O(l)` <br> Test tube 'B' `NaHCO_(3) (s)+HCl (aq) rarr NaCl (aq)+CO_(2) (g) +H_(2)O (l)` <br> On passing the gas evolved through the lime water : <br> `underset("lime water")(Ca(OH)_(2)(aq))+CO_(2) (g) rarr underset(("white ppt."),("(milkiness)"))(CaCO_(3) (s))+H_(2)O` <br> But on passing excess `CO_(2)` gas through the lime water, milkiness disappears due to the formation of soluble `CaHCO_(3)` <br> `CaCO_(3)+CO_(2)+H_(2)O rarr underset("Calcium hydrogen-carbonate")(Ca(HCO_(3))_(2) (aq))` <br> this activity shows that metal carbonates and metal hydrogen carbonate react with acids to form salt, `CO_(2)` and water.


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question is an activity to show how the reaction of acid with metal carbonates and metal hydrogen carbonate what we need to do we have to see what are going in when acid react with metal carbonates and metal hydrogen carbonates to get going on so we can see the reaction of acid with metal carbonate ok for simplicity I am taking acid hydrochloric acid and matter coveted sodium sodium ka

less metal carbonate ok on reaction will give you don't plus plus water ok now if the action of the reaction of acid with metal Bicarbonate

against point where I can see that a contest today metal carbonate and YouTube converter to here I am ok ok what is happening is that carbon dioxide is getting involved in the reaction to how to determine how to

determine dog or not determination of carbon dioxide solution what to do with carbon dioxide and water solution what happens for physically formation of calcium carbonate take place which is a white PPT PPT ok lime water milky in the absence of carbon dioxide

if carbon dioxide is present in then speak to get become invisible and the formation of calcium bicarbonate takes place due to what happens is calcium hydroxide lime water formation of calcium bicarbonate take place play music and I

hope that have made myself clear few things have a nice


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