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Write a balanced chemical equation for the following: Action of concentrated sulphuric acid on carbon.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone the question is write a balanced chemical equation for the following action of concentrated sulfuric acid on Carbon we have to write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction that is taking place in concentrated sulphuric acid and carbon 16 seater reaction to carbon reacts with H2 S o4 that is concentrated sulphuric acid to form water + carbon dioxide CO2 + SO2 that is Sulphur dioxide as well as this reaction so the number of carbon on each side is one the number of hydrogen also to is one on each side let's see the number of Sulphur sulphur sulphur atoms are also one that is the number of oxygen now so there are Four Seasons on the reactant side where is 12345 Oxygen and the production of oxygen need to be balanced so that we will multiply what you preach to ok now let see the number

hydrogen have increased by 2 in the products that will have to X speak to as well so that the number of hydrogen become 4 on its side now it is multiplied is fit to the number of Sulphur will increase on the reactant site so you'll have the X switch to now so the number of Sulphur has equal has been acquitted the number of hydrogen have been acquitted now let's check the number of oxygen again 17 photos R8 oxygen on the reactant side and on the product side we have 2 + 24 + 22 the four so 4 5 6 7 8 so we have now have it oxygen on if this is the balanced equation that is taking please now in this reaction can see that water is produce carbon dioxide is produced and Sulphur dioxide is also produce the Sulphur dioxide is produced the burning smell of sulphur which is the main gas that has produced along with it carbon

dioxide is also produce and put of them are correct gases so that is the reaction that is taking place between concentrated sulphuric acid and problem thank you

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