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Alkyl And Aryl Halide


With would be the major produc...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `H_(2)C-overset(CH_(3))overset(|)(C) =CH-CH_(3)` `(##ALN_CHM_C08_E01_145_A01##)`

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hello everyone today's question is what would be the major product in each of the following reaction reaction A B and C letter start with first reaction in first year the compound given neopentyl Bromide in the first step in this is heated in presence of C2 h5 Dr negative is removed after removal of this we get carbonium ion and this is the structure of carbon is primary carbonium ion and it can show rearrangement arrangement it can get convert into 3 degree carbonium Ion which is the most stable so the three degree carbonium Ion formed after rearrangement would be the positive and on this we have 1 Ch 3 and 1 ch2 CH3

this is 3 degree carbonium ion and this is more stable so the final product is obtained by this carbonium ion and from this carbonium Ion the hydrogen ion is to be remove there are two possibility of removal of hydrogen from these two beta carbon the first removal this product this is substituted alpy to this is minor product by removal of next beta we get substituted alkene which is more stable so it would be major product of the reaction so this is the answer for first part of the second reaction the given substances

it is reacting with sodium ethoxide in presence of sodium ethoxide it should show SN1 mechanism but SN1 or SN2 mechanism is not so simple in case of aromatic highlight because of partial double bond character due to resin but if a group containing minus I effect is present on its author or para position it increases its reactivity towards nucleophilic substitution reaction and it can easily through this reaction so from remove and para nitro anisole structure is this is para nitro and esau and by product is and their this is the second reaction in third reaction we are given on benzene ring at one carbon we have

and another phenyl ring C6 h5 and on ages and carbon we have ch2br it is attacked by negative reaction occur through SN1 mechanism hair beard negative is remove and we get this carbonium Ion on benzene ring hair ch2 C6 h5 now in next two products are possible the first product is formation of new the new bond is formed between oxygen and positively charged carbon and the product would be on benzene ring this is ch2 CH C6 h5 add this is ring between carbon and oxygen and the second product in which is at

2ch to positive this is the product for these are two product formed in third reaction and this is major product of the reaction so these are 3 reaction given in the question with their major product thank you

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