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With the help of equations, give an outline for the manufacture of sulphuric acid by the contact process.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello with the help of equations given outline to manufacture of sulphuric acid by the contact contact process is widely used process for manufacturing of there are few steps that involved in manufacturing step by step this is preparation of Sulphur dioxide preparation of Sulphur dioxide rate in this work we can see is SO2 is prepared by burning sulphur in presence of excess of air so that product combines with oxygen which is helpful for next stage two letters write the reaction sulphur + of auto gas this will give SO2 gas so this is coming to order nextstep

s s of contact process it prepares sulphur trioxide so this step involves preparation of sulphur trioxide right now what is Sulphur trioxide is formed when Sulphur Dioxide reacts with oxygen write the equation to SO2 + O2 Sulphur dioxide is reacts with the ratio is given at the temperature we have approximately 400 to 450 degrees and pressure of 1 ATM so the reaction is reversible in nature to end this reaction is actually we can write this reaction as do sop8 the preparation of sulphur trioxide

sulphur trioxide in our product third step with latest step 33 what we can observe is Sulphur trioxide formed is first made to react with concentrated sulphuric acid tried it is H2 S o4 + of so3 that this will give H2 S2 E7 it is olymp trade and removed the like volume is dissolved in water so the reaction is dissolved in water the reaction H2 S2 O 7 plus of H2O this will give the final product that is to H2 S

o4 is the help of a question I have answer how to this manufacturing of sulphuric acid by contact process for thank you

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