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Why is equilibrium said to by ...

Why is equilibrium said to by dynamic ?


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hello everyone that start a question answer is that why is equilibrium said to be a dynamic so here in this age dynamic equilibrium occurs in reversible reaction dynamic equilibrium equilibrium only occur only Aakash in reversible reaction Nirahua Sipahi reaction it when the rate of the forward reaction will hear when the rate of the rate of Forward reaction is equals to

D it is equal to the rate of reverse reaction rivers reaction equations are dynamic because the forward and reverse reactions are still getting this reactions are still occurring Aston but two rates are equal and unchanging they are also had equilibrium the example for this dynamic equilibrium example of the sodium chloride at its solid state and it is a reversible reaction so when its react it give a sodium ions that is in aqueous solution and chloride ions and a dynamic equilibrium when the rate of The dissolution of this NaCl equals to the rate of

that crystallization so this is an example of what is dynamic equilibrium because of this region here we can say that the sequel even said to be a dynamic