Why does fluorine exhibit abnormal behaviour ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello the question is why does fluorine exhibit abnormal behaviour when there are certain reasons due to which this shows abnormal behaviour the first reason is fluorine chlorine S smaller size smaller size in Linux group group ok second reason is second reason is highest electronegativity electronegativity in the periodic table periodic table ok third third reason is the third reason is no availability availability

availability of D orbitals because this is a second this flooring belongs to second period so it doesn't have Dr B S ok this is also one reason of its abnormal behaviour 8437 is low ff bond dissociation energy is fluorine chlorine gas have to guess shows shows low bond dissociation energy flow bond dissociation energy because of its because of its small size this bond is Bond length is very very less very less

ok very less but due to due to this is small size also this long they repel each other due to pollution this bond gets destabilize destabilize due to this destabilization this effort enthalpy is low lower than expected these are the following reasons that's why does fluorine should an abnormal behaviour I hope you understand these reasons thank you

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