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Which substance is obtained in...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Text Solution

`H_(2)O` `H_(2)SO_(4)``Na_(2)SO_(4)` `CU(OH)_(2)`

Answer : B
Solution :  Cathode `Cu^(2+) + 2e^(-)rightarrow Cu` <br> Anode `2H_(2)Orightarrow O_(2) + 4H^(+)+4E^(-)`<br> Cu deposited on cathode but at anode `O_(2)` liberated on anode and simultaneously ions are dissolved in water. Ultimately `H^(+)` and `SO_(4)^(2-)` ions left in the solution to from `H_(2)SO_(4)`.

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which salt is obtained in the solution on electrolysis of aqueous cuso4 solution using graphite electrode having aqua solution of your cs24 that is your copper sulphate no be having two electrode one is your cathode and anode at your reduction as happen and oxygen has happened there is gain of electron ignition means there is loss of electron so from where we're having your copper 2 + and so forth to negative and acquisition means there is H + and there is no h - now we have to see which reaction has happened and therefore it is found that at cathode production has taken place that is of your per that is copper 2 plus has accepted two electrons it has gained to electron and forms the cocoa and oxygen takes place that

your water which is present in Access form it liberated the O2 gas 4 x + and we are having for this reaction with M lose electrons is your occupation happens over here you will see that the scope of this gets deposited on your Kittu but at a note what we are having we are having O2 is celebrated on a note and simultaneously your ions which are left they get this Hindi water ultimately we are left with what we are having this h + over here and we are left with yourself that comes out from your this this has been converted convert it to your Parichay deposit your water which has this has been changed or you can see this water it has changed to your auto

gas with this h + and B are there it is sulphate are there for H2 S o4 is the remaining and get together and form the sulfuric acid as suggested 24 Sabhi option will be your right answer

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